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I'm participating in the Platform Building Campaign. If you're a fellow campaigner stopping by, make sure to leave me a comment if you follow me so that I can find you. Sometimes there's not a link in your profile on the GFC so I don't have a way to figure out where you came from. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and to reading your posts!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Time to Get Mellowed

Recently I've taken up yoga. Well not recently. Originally I started doing yoga about seven years ago to help with my lower back and hip pain caused from a car accident when I was a teenager. Yoga not only helps with my physical relaxation but my mental relaxation as well.

However lately I've been lazy and slacked off and I've really started to notice the difference. Not only in my physical mood but my emotional mood as well. In an attempt to get back on the yoga wagon I took the ever popular Google oracle to find out what other forms or techniques I could use to help relax.

And that search is what led me to  Herbal City LLC. Seriously I didn't know such things existed. I realize I don't get out much. Don't watch TV and as much as I'm online I don't really surf the web so this was totally a new thing for me.

I had to look through what they offered because I wasn't about to let the opportunity pass. I mean if Google recommends it then it must be good, right?

After some clicking around I found things like Party enhancers, K6 herbal incense, and Spiritual powders.

It was like falling into a 70's party commercial and the strangest thing of all is all this stuff is legal. I'm not sure what it all does, but it's definitely something to check out if you're looking for a natural way to relax among other things.


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