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I'm participating in the Platform Building Campaign. If you're a fellow campaigner stopping by, make sure to leave me a comment if you follow me so that I can find you. Sometimes there's not a link in your profile on the GFC so I don't have a way to figure out where you came from. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and to reading your posts!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ahchar Bless You

One of the things we love to eat is achar (pronounced uh-char). Basically it's pickled something. Whether it's mangoes, lemons, vegetables, eggplant, or chilies , we have it at every meal. Everyone else prefers aam ka achar (pickled mango), but I prefer the chili achar. The mango has this bittery sweet taste that I just can't quite get around. Instead of making two separate achars, we just make the mango and chile achar together and then everyone can eat whichever they prefer. Except I am the only one that eats the chilies so there is always more for me. Yum!

Lately I have been on a recipe kick. I go through this phase every so often. I just collect recipes. I love to cook, but don't get to the way I did before I got married. Bizarre but true so I live vicariously through recipes and dream about the day when I will get to make them. I thought I would use my Across the Pond series to maybe share some of them with you and compile them for myself so I will always have a copy that I can actually find as opposed to being lost amongst my other ramblings.  Also this week I have a few guest posts to sort of kick off August. I haven't quite got sorted out yet so until I do I thought I would have some very cool writers stop by. Maybe give you some ideas for your Fall reading lists. Be sure to stop back by and check them out.

Here's the recipe. Hope you enjoy:

Aam ka achar (Pickled Mango)

• 3 Raw Mangoes (medium sized)
• 4 tbsp Red Chili Powder
• 4 tbsp Mustard seeds
• 3 tbsp Salt
• 200 ml Sesame Oil
• 1 tbsp Fenugreek Seeds (roasted)
• 1 tbsp Curry leaves

How to make Mango Pickle:
  Clean and wipe dry the mangoes.
  Cut them into halves along with the seed.
  Remove the pulp from the seed.
  Dice the mangoes ensuring that the hard shell is there in each piece inside.
  Heat oil in a pan, splutter mustard seeds and curry leaves.
  Add red chilly powder, salt, and fenugreek powder.
  Remove from fire. Add the mango pieces and mix well.
  Take dry earthen jar and put the mango cubes into it.
  Add sesame oil to the mango cubes and mix them well.
  Put the jar in sunlight for 3-5 days.
           Mango Pickle is ready to eat.

Note: Once your achar is ready to eat, you want to stir this once a day especially if you're not eating it daily like we do. This will keep the mango pieces fully coated with the oil and spices which act as a preservative

Sorry about the false starts blogger was being a pain

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kiera's Moon

Just thought I would share with you all my latest creation. Would love your thoughts and feedback.

From the synopsis, this seems like it is going to be another great creation from Lizzy. It should be available for free download in about two weeks. You can find Lizzy at her site, Guerilla Wordfare, or click the links in my sidebar to download her books on Amazon.

Lizzy always compliments my work, but she is such a sweetheart I often wonder if she's just being nice or if it really is ok. I know I second guess myself way too much which is not good in my business but oh well I never did do anything the way it was suppose to be done. It's been an extremely long summer and I am hoping that next month I have more free time. These last two months my work load has been doubled and electric has been on even less than it usually is so that means something has to go and since my family have this nasty habit of liking to eat, I had to cut out blogging to make time for work. Although I seriously did consider rationing them just so I could make time for blogging. I mean breakfast really isn't as necessary as those marketing ads make you believe it is.  I know I keep saying I will be better and I really really really really mean it. Please bare with me just for a little while longer. I appreciate you all and miss you. Hugs!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cowboys Go Long

Times are tough for everyone these days. When I was growing up, it wasn't much different then than it is now. We pinched pennies, traded aluminum cans, and old bottles and reused whatever we could in as many creative ways as possible. I think this has a lot to do with how I am today. I can do without a lot of things that most people deem "necessities" and I don't even miss them. Mostly because I never had them and you don't miss what you never had. I figure if I have managed to survive on the planet for this long without something then I can manage awhile longer.

When I was little my grandmother had these little quirks about her. She did things that were very un-grandmotherly like. For example, betting on sports.

At her job, they had a football pool and she always joined her. She even won a time or two, but her downfal was her loyalty to the Dallas Cowboys. Whenever they played, she would bet on them and unfortunately (for us at least) the Cowboys were NOT having a good season that year. But it was all in good fun and the only thing my grandmother really splurged on for herself. I remember at the beginning of the season helping her to pick her winning teams.

While we never made it like Brandon Long in Two for the Money, we made enough for a pop and a sandwich on Sunday from the local store. Sometimes I even got a Snickers bar.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Road Traveled Upon

The glow of the computer monitor is the only light in the house. Every one is fast asleep. The only sound is the crickets who are singing their nighttime lullabies. In the silence and the darkness, I take a moment to look back. To look at where I have come from, where I am now, and how far I have traveled. Not just distance but within myself. While I have many regrets, I have learned so much.

I have learned an inner strength that I didn't know I had. I have learned about universes and planets that I never knew existed. Visited alien worlds and learnt what it means to be humbled. However as the days pass the pain of regret dulls. It stops twisting within. Stops turning and rumbling. Stops raging and clawing and I become complacent within myself.

Until the shock comes. And it always comes in those moments when the darkness is darkest and the night is quietest. Moments when I least expect it. Moments when I begin to feel that I am almost whole. They jump out from the dark corners and grab me. They pull me back down into the pits of the abyss. Throwing me here and there. Tearing at me. Clawing, biting, riping. Leaving me naked and exposed. When I finally reach the bottom, I lie there and silent tears find their way into existance.

As I lie there, I wonder if the abyss will ever let go of me or if it will forever have a hand on me. Grabbing me, using me when its bored and then tossing me aside when another shiny plaything comes along. The abyss is unforgiving. Its silence deafening. If only it were bottomless then I could fall forever and never have to worry about it spitting me back out only to drag me back into it once again.

I walk the earth wearing invisible chains. Some days they are heavy. Others they seem lighter. Their constant metal clang is a reminder that at any moment the pit could open and into the darkness I will plunge.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Staying Busy but Not Cool

Hello. Remember me? Yes I know it's been awhile. Although considering I have new followers even in my absence I think I might take more blogcations. It seems you all like me better when I am quiet than when I am talking your ear off. I do have some future ideas and I do promise to get back into the swing of things.


However, for the time being I am staying busy, trying to keep cool which is totally not happening. During my blogcation, I was doing a lot of thinking. About my blog, my life, the meaning of the universe, is there a Santa Clause, you know the usual stuff. I have been looking into some Online Courses . I thought I might look into completing my studies. This has always been something that has been a thorn in my side. In reality I know almost as much about certain things as those with degrees but I will never be able to actually get a "job" simply because I don't have the paper that goes along with it. So these last couple weeks with my husband being away I have been perusing my options and seeing what was available.

This is the course I was looking into. It is an online degree program in graphic design.

Have any of you guys ever done an online degree program? Suggestions? Do's? Don'ts? I have never taken any college/university courses. Well technically I have when I was in high school and if I had finished high school then I would have also received 4 college credits, but being pregnant kinda changed that plan. I even found a couple places that offer student aid http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ which is a must for me.

So I don't know. Anyways, I am hoping that next month I will feel more like blogging, but for now it's sort of lost in the wasteland of things that is my life. When I get back I want to hear all about what you all did this summer. Alex, I am expecting lots of movie options from you. These past few weeks my movie list has become depleted and I have no clue what is good and what's not. Love you guys. Hugs and kisses see ya soon!!!! Who knows the next time you see me I could look like this:

Who am I kidding I already look like that!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Peek a Boo Guess Who

I know I have been scarce. Who am I kidding? I have been comatose the last month, but I am taking a much needed break. I have so much going on outside of blogsphere. If I even attempted to add blogging to it, then most likely I would end up in a padded cell somewhere. Although a padded cell does have its good points at the moment. Hmm I will have think about that one. 

Anyways the point of breaking my coma to pop in is to tell you that I am being featured over at Indie Ink today. So if you're free pop over there and take a peek. Read my article on Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

Not sure exactly when my coma is going to end and when I will be back but hopefully it will be soon. I miss you all and miss reading your blogs. I am still available for cover designs, so if you're in need just email me and I will get back to you.


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