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Monday, October 31, 2011

Providing Translation Services

I don’t talk about it too often, but besides our graphic design business, my husband and I offer translations services to a local independent book publisher. We’ve been doing this for about two years now and I must say I’ve learned a tremendous amount in that time. Not only about translating, but about book publishing as well.  One way I learn is by visiting sites of those who offer professional translation companies. 

One site I recently found was for a London translation agency. They offered a vast array of services and products at affordable prices. My husband and I have discussed expanding our small business to a larger one, but there really isn’t that much of a market here where we are for translation service This is the main reason we stay with the book publisher.  It provides us with a steady stream of income while having a low overhead.
Most o f the online translation agencies I found offer various forms of certification that he and I aren’t able to provide. This is another reason why we don’t expand the translation side of our business and instead focus more on the graphic design side. Even though I prefer the translation work, at the moment, we have to focus our energies on the side of things that is providing the most work, and that is the graphic design. 

I hope that one day we could provide the services like other translation agencies do but for now we are limited to our small book publisher. 

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