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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Counting Pennies

I don't consider myself "cheap". Cheap as in stingy not that cheap. Geesh get your mind out of the gutter people.

My husband use to go grocery shopping with me, but now he prefers to stay at home. Not because I take a specifically long time or spend lots of money. I don't even actually use that many coupons for Wal-mart, but I do however stand in the aisles and count up the ounces. You know when something is on sale. Especially if it's something I use a lot of like tomato paste. I'll stand there and calculate how much it'll cost me to buy 3 of the smaller 2 oz jars as opposed to the larger "on sale" one. Usually it's cheaper so I buy a bunch of smaller ones. I get the same amount and I save money. Apparently to my husband this is worse than clipping coupons. I don’t see how. Aren’t men usually complaining how their wives spend money? My husband has the opposite problem so he should be happy but instead he’s embarrassed watching me try to do the math in my head. Maybe that’s the problem. Not the actual coupons or saving. Maybe it’s because I count on my fingers. Nahh it’s the coupons.

Last year, we needed a new washing machine. My husband was ready to go out and buy a new after hearing the first knocking noise come out of it. I knew spring sales would be around the corner so I kept waiting for the paper, looking for the coupons for Sears. My husband moaned and groaned and was ready to pay full price, but oh no, not me. There was no way I was going to pay an extra $100 when I could wait a week. I grew up washing clothes in bucket and hanging them on the line. So I figured a week of going it again wouldn’t kill us. You'd think he'd appreciate my frugalness but apparently there is a fine line between frugal and cheapskate. And not having clean underwear is where my husband draws that line. So we got the new washer (with my coupons, you didn't think I'd actually let him win did you lol)

Now if they'd just stop putting all of those delicious cookie coupons for Pillsbury in the paper I might actually stick to my diet. Then I could buy a whole new wardrobe during the after Christmas special.


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