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I'm participating in the Platform Building Campaign. If you're a fellow campaigner stopping by, make sure to leave me a comment if you follow me so that I can find you. Sometimes there's not a link in your profile on the GFC so I don't have a way to figure out where you came from. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and to reading your posts!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wrong Side of the Road

I thought living in London would be pretty much like living in the USA, just with more tea. It was actually extremely surprising me to me how much things were different. Especially the whole driving on the wrong side of the road thing. It never failed whenever we went out I'd end up standing in front of the car for a good 10-15 secs trying to figure out which side I was suppose to get in on. Of course my cousin was of no help, he'd just stand there and watch me because he knew I was waiting on him to pick a side so I'd know to go to the opposite one.

Another thing that was surprising was the fact I could drive using my US driver's license. At first I totally refused to drive, but then my cousin needed to buy a car. In my name. Using my license. Which meant I had to drive on the freaking wrong side of the road. I thought it'd be difficult or take awhile for him to find something, but considering my luck it took him less than two days to find exactly what he was looking for.

I seriously wish it had been that easy when I bought my first car in the states. I had no idea there were so many online car dealers in the UK. The main ones are Autotrader, Motors.co.uk and Trusteddealers.co.uk. He went on Trusted Dealers Used Cars. He entered exactly what he was looking for and got a list of all of the available cars that fit the search info he entered. Then it was just a matter of contacting the dealers via the website. The very next day I was sitting there on the wrong side of the road, a complete and total nervous wreck, but we made it home in one piece and three panic attacks later.


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