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Monday, June 20, 2011

Shameless Self Promotion


I am so totally pimping myself out today which is not something I am good at. I always feel a little dirty and cheezy whenever I do stuff like this especially considering how lazy and off topic I have been about posting this month. Usually Lizzy does this for me. She is a good pimp and an even better writer. So here goes nothing, you may or may not know that in my life outside the blogsphere I am a freelance graphic designer.  I along with my husband own a little graphic design company. We mainly design for companies, billboard ads, storefront signage, business cards, logos, letterheads, etc. Then when I began blogging a few months ago one of the very first people I met was Lizzy She is an amazingly talented new author and I instantly became addicted to the crack she was selling in the form of books. (on a side note her books are free at the moment so if you're looking for some awesome reading then check her out)

How she and I came upon the subject of cover designs, I am not sure, but we did and so I started designing her book covers. She has stroked my ego so much not only did it cause my head to swell but she was the support behind me starting my little side business called Indie Designz. 

I created a separate blog for Indie Designz which you can check out if you want. I don't really plan on posting there. I made it so that I could have pricing pages, service pages, and as a way of keeping my designs in one place without them getting lost in the mess, but if someone took pity on it and wanted to follow it just so it isn't lonely I would be ever so grateful.

I have been doing this for awhile now but haven't actually mentioned it openly on this blog. Although I do have the little blurb at the top, but I thought I would throw myself out there. Even if you're not looking for a cover artist, but just a regular follower of this blog, then I hope you will at least check out the designs, feedback is always welcomed on my work. I love getting feedback because it helps me to improve.

Here is a sample of my latest work for Lizzy. For more samples and pricing check out my Indie Designz blog:

Mind Cafe is scheduled for re-release at the end of June. Join Lizzy's mailing list to receive updates regarding Mind Cafe as well as Lizzy's other books.


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