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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E (ntourage)

My Very First Guest Blogger!!
When I first started blogging, mostly all I found was mommyblogs and giveaway blogs. Now there is nothing wrong with those blogs, but I just didn't fit into that "category". After some searching I came across the Blog Entourage. Christina was an amazing help to me. She answered all my newbie blogger questions and she helps new blogs to "see and be seen". During this challenge I have come across a lot of blogs that either don't have many followers or are new or both so I thought I would ask Christina to write up a guest post for me today to share with you all. She has been an amazing help to me and I am certain she will be to you to. Please welcome Christina from the Blog Entourage!!!

I'm so excited to be guest blogging for Dafeenah today! She wanted me to share with you how you can get the best out of The Blog Entourage. 

Your first stop should be to add your blog to my permanent directory. Find your blog category in the tabs under the header & use the linky tool.

The second best thing you can do is promote your posts for free on Facebook. Click here to share your posts on the wall.

I have three linky lists going on-The Crazed Fan Weekend Blog Hop every Saturday & Sunday and the Meals on Monday recipe linky every week. Email me if you'd like to be a featured host of either.  And until April 24th, I'm hosting an Easter Inspirations Blog Hop, for Easter recipes, crafts, decor, etc.  Click here for the Easter hop.

I welcome guest bloggers on just about any subject. Email me at christina.anne.lucas@gmail.com.

I showcase a different blog every week on Feature Friday.  Click here for the submission form.

 Now, if you are only blogging for fun, you can ignore the rest of the post. Don't let your blog become work, and just have fun with it. But if you are trying to blog for profit or to promote yourself as a writer, cook, business owner, etc., here are my TOP FIVE BLOGGING TIPS:

1. Be yourself. If you try to blog to please people, your readers will see through it and you won't have any fun; everyone loses. Also, the web has given people a personal connection to their entertainment. So put yourself out there! You readers deserve a face to go with your ranting, raving and blogging. I posted this silly pic of myself on The Blog Entourage Facebook page a few weeks ago.

2. Follow whoever the hell you wanna follow! I like blog hops, obviously, but let me clear this up once and for all, the only time it's okay to leave a "follow me back" comment is if you're in a "Follow Me, I'll Follow You Back" group or thread. If you follow blogs you genuinely like, you're more likely to visit those blogs and leave sincere comments, which is the best way to get a follow back. Twenty loyal followers are much more effective than 200 followers who really don't care about your blog.
3. Don't come on too strong. Okay, sometimes I should take my own advice. Believe it or not, people aren't hanging on the edge of their seats, dying for your latest blog post. Even one post a day can be a bit excessive at times. Take a day off! (Unless you're doing the A-Z challenge!) You don't want people to see you in their inbox or google reader or Facebook stream and think, "Oh, it's her again."
4. Don't be too perfect. I mean, obviously if you're dropping the F-bomb and using the C-word instead of hoo-hoo, it's your responsibility to put an 18 & Up Warning on your blog. Yes, good grammar is always appreciated, just don't try to sound too professional. It's not the Wall Street Jourmal. The charm of blogs is that you can express yourself and let your personality shine through. No matter what you blog about, you should go ahead and fly your freak flag. Make us smile. Make us laugh!

5. Keep it simple. Keep it short. Enough said.

Thanks, Dafeenah, for inviting me to your blog for the day! Everyone, please stop by The Blog Entourage and take advantage of all of the resources. Click here to join the Entourage.


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