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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K (ara updated)

It's funny how a small circle of metal can cause so much trouble, but it can. I have worn karas for more than ten years.  When I lived in USA, I only wore one or two. Having lived abroad for close to seven years now, I have acquired quite a few more. Once they are put on, there is no taking them off. Well, the wrist ones are relatively easy to take off, but not the ankle ones. They do not come off, at least not without tremendous effort, several people, and a vicegrip.

I often forget how "different" it is to those living outside of here. However, I was very quickly reminded of this on my last visit to the US and was given the Very Very Important Person treatment at the airport when I was attempting to return back overseas.

 no that is not my arm

I get they are just doing their job and I get the reasons why they have to, but still it is difficult being treated as an outsider in the country I was born in. My favorite moment though is the look of shock and confusion on the officers faces as I hand them my passport and the blue cover instantly says I am "American" and a quick look inside tells them it is by "birth" and not naturalization which only adds even more to their confusion.The chun chun sound they make as they hit against each other when I walk also tends to make people nervous. The scarf doesn't help to lessen their anxiety either, but even with all of these "inconveniences" I wouldn't remove a single one.

Karas come in various shapes and sizes. Some are small and intricate with various writings and designs on them while others are large and heavy, plain and simple with no designs at all. They are worn for religious and/or cultural reasons. Some wear them purely for religious purposes as a symbol of the shackles worn by the family of the Prophet (saw), men, women, and children, who were shackled and chained. Then forced to march from the desert plains of Karbala, Iraq to the court of an evil tyrant in Damascus, Syria. An event that occurred over 1400 years ago, but is still fresh in the minds of those who believe; the same as if it occurred yesterday.

Others wear them simply because their mothers tell them to wear one so they do out of cultural/traditional obligation. Nowadays amongst the younger generation, it is also seen as a "fashion statement" or "cool" to wear them. The karas carry a different meaning and purpose to each person who wears them.  No two people wear them for the same reason. While on the surface it may appear as if they do, the truth of why they wear them lies in their heart and is something they do not share with others. It is a closely guarded secret between them and those they wear the karas for.

edited to add a bit more info as per suggestion by the Writing Goddess.

Some other random awesomeness that I am just tacking onto the bottom of this post:

I so totally almost forgot. I was given another award. I so have to get a speech all prepared instead of just wingin' it, but since I tend to procrastinate be spontaneous I most likely will continue to wing it. I was awarded the Versatile Blogger award for the second time this week. This time it was from Stacey from Nailpolish. You must check her blog out btw. Super fabulous. Now for the icky part of the awards.

The rules,uck.

  • Thank the person who gave it to you. 
This I can do. THANK YOU!!! Now you all go visit her and say hi!

  • Tell 7 facts about yourself
Well I already told you seven facts so I am just gonna post the link to those facts. Don't act surprised. You all should know by now I very rarely follow rules. 

  • Pass it onto 15 other bloggers
I didn't do so well with this one the first time and I am pretty certain this time won't be different. So instead I will just tell you about some new blogs I found during the A-Z challenge and you can go visit them instead. Just cuz it's more fun that way. 



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