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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blame It on the Crazy

Trying to be aware of current events while being overseas is not easy. The news is often delayed or censored. A lot of USA/UK news agencies are banned. I have my ways of getting around this ban, and no I am not sharing how, but one so called "news story" that I keep seeing is about Charlie Sheen. At first I ignored it because to me it is NOT news. However, as the weeks have gone by I keep reading reports where it appears that people are trying to excuse his behavior by saying he is "bipolar".  Today I saw a news article that read "Are we STIGMATISING Charlie Sheen?"

This article was in reference to the recent reports of Charlie Sheen having bipolar. Somehow labeling him with bipolar is more of a "stigma" than him just being an addict on a binge. I have bipolar. There is enough stigma already attached to mental illness and whether these people realize it or not they are not helping the situation. His PR people are trying to find a way of excusing his behavior. Bipolar or not there is no excuse. His behavior is way out of line.

I work hard every day to just be "normal". I fight my brain constantly. It is not easy. It is a huge struggle. I don't make excuses when I do things wrong. My bipolar doesn't excuse my wrong behavior, but I don't think he has bipolar. He is an addict. Not every addict is crazy. Not every crazy is an addict.

I find it extremely sad that somehow saying he is "bipolar" is much more of a stigma than saying he spent the whole weekend snorting coke up his nose with 3 prostitutes. I don't get it. Bipolar is an illness. Just like diabetes. I didn't choose to have bipolar anymore than a diabetic chooses to have diabetes. If I had a choice, you better believe I would pick Not Crazy for $1000, Alex. Charlie Sheen is an addict. He has a CHOICE. He can choose to get help. He can choose to remain an addict. Either way he has a choice. Someone with bipolar does not. It is a lifelong disease. It will never go away. It is beyond the control of the person who has it. By writing articles such as that one, it only re-enforces the prejudices people already have against the mentally ill. Crazy people have enough to deal with. I am tired of celebrities using mental illness as an excuse for their behavior. It is belittling and does more harm to those who truly are ill. I realize most people don't care what my opinion is, but it's my two cents I will spend how I want.


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