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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What are Your Labels?

In life, we wear many labels simultaneously. Some out of choice. Others come as part of a package, and some just because we have to.

What are my labels?

I am southern and redneck.
I know who the Cable Guy is and how to Get Ir Done
I also know the meaning of "Here's your sign"
I know duct tape will fix anything and Monday morning is the best day to find "good furniture" at the dump.
I have been snipe hunting, and for $49.99 I will take you and two of your best friends. (Half off to anyone who has been before but just wants their friends to enjoy the thrill)
I have eaten frog legs, squirrel, rabbit, deer, and snake.

I am muslim.
I wear a veil.
I pray in Arabic.
I am not religious, but I am spiritual.
I believe everyone must find their own path and what is right for me may not be right for you.

I am a mother.
I do not get awakened from a deep sleep by two little eyes staring at me and a small voice whispering "Are you asleep?"
I do not have to repeat myself ten times to take out the trash.
I do not get to hold my children when they have bad dreams.
I do not get to wipe their tears when they fall down trying to learn something new.

I am female.
I prefer doc martins and rodeos to high heels and Rodeo Drive.
I don't wear makeup or jewelry.
I haven't had my hair cut by a professional for almost ten years.
I only found out last year that Jimmy Choo wasn't a man and Lady Gaga wasn't the newest Teletubby.

I am uneducated.
I didn't finish highschool, but I have my GED.
I taught myself to read and write in Arabic and Urdu
I speak 3 languages. My pronunciation might be horrible but I can make myself understood.
I am not an expert but I know how to design a website and can use HTML and CSS.

I am a wife.
I love it when my husband asks me to make him a cup of tea.
I love being able to look across the room and see him busily working on his latest project.
I love that he allowed me to be a part of his world without trying to change me.
I love that he protects me from the big bad world and wouldn't think twice about cutting anyone in half who tried to hurt me.

I am a friend.
I can be your shoulder to cry on.
I am caring and non judgemental
I get when you just need someone to "listen" and aren't really interested in "advice"
I might call you a bitch but I will bitchslap anyone else who even thinks it.

These are only a few of the labels I wear. While they are common everyday labels worn by millions of others, I wear them much differently than most. At times, they are burdens, heavy and difficult to carry. Then suddenly their load lightens. Sometimes it's because someone offers a helping hand. While other times, I change my point of view and what once was burdensome becomes a blessing. Regardless of where I go or what I do, these labels will follow me. My light in the darkness. My constant companion. They are more than just labels. They are me.

What are your labels?


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