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Friday, March 4, 2011

Water the Giver of Life-TRDC

This is for a writing prompt from TRDC. The prompt was to write a short piece-fiction or non fiction- inspired by one or both of the following statements. Water gives life. It also takes it away. This is my spin on the prompt. Some parts are true and some are made up. I will leave it up to you to decide which is which. Constructive criticism welcomed!!

The sound of the rain hitting the tin roof of the trailer brought me out of my sleep. Slowly I sat up on the bed and looked out the window. What had been a light mist when I fell asleep was now a thunderous downpour. Lightning flashed across the moonless night sky. Chilled I pulled the soft cotton blanket close around my body. I leaned my head against the windowpane. The coolness of its touch brought a quiet relief to the pounding in my brain.
I could hear the shouting coming from down the hall. “Not again,” I sighed. I tried to silence the voices, but my ears refused to obey. Every Friday night was the same. A vicious cycle of parties, drinking, and then the fighting. How I hated when it started. Sometimes it would end quickly, but tonight wasn’t one of those nights.
When I heard the crash of yet another dish breaking against the wall, it was more than I could stand. I got up and pulled my jacket on. It wouldn’t do much against this downpour, but I was on auto pilot. Just going through the motions. I had to get away. Away from the noise.
I slowly crept down the hall. Not that they noticed. They were too busy yelling at each other. Too wrapped up in the endless insanity of their never ending battle. I eased the back door open and stepped out into the night. Under the protection of the porch roof, the rain didn’t pummel me, but I could still hear the noise.
Then before realization and sanity could kick in, I ran. Through the night, through the darkness, through the wet. I didn’t go far. Not that there was far to go. I stopped at the edge of the woods near the pond. It was my spot. It was where quiet lived. It was where I was a princess in a far away land. A land where I could be rescued by a knight in shining armor. A land where peace and silence reigned.
The rain was falling faster now. My clothes were starting to sag from the heaviness of the rain that seeped into them. I closed my eyes and lifted my head. Letting the rain fall down upon my face. Cleansing me. Healing me. Then slowly I lowered my head and tried to open my eyes. Drops of rain falling from my lashes.
Without wanting, I turned to make my way back to the house. Back to the noise. Pausing for only a moment as my hand reached for the doorknob. Silence permeating the air. It had ended. Gently I eased the door open. Careful not to awaken its monstrous wrath from slumber.
In the warmth of my room I changed my clothes. Put the soaked ones in the tub to dry out a little before putting them in the hamper. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. Drops of water still clung to my lashes. I had been cleansed by the rain. Its wetness stealing a part of me but replacing it with another. Exhaustion consumed me. I made my way back to the bed and crawled beneath my soft cotton blanket. Wrapping its protectiveness tightly around me. Relishing in my newfound birth and mourning what was left behind.


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