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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is it Strange?Should I be concerned?

..that whenever I start setting up for dinner the cat goes and sits in "his spot"to the left of my husband and waits his turn to be "served"?

..or that if you open a bag of potato chips and he is within a 10 mile radius he will hear you and before you can eat the first chip he will appear out of nowhere and then rip the bag out of your hands and eat them all?

..or that if after ripping the bag of chips out of your hand he discovers they are "plain" instead of his favorite "hot n spicy" flavor he will leave the bag laying there spilled all over the floor and not eat any of them?

..or that when I am asleep he sits on my pillow beside my head waiting for me to wake up careful not to disturb me but occasionally just to check if I have woke up yet or not he will put his face less than 1/2 in from my face and STARE at me

..or that after he has been staring at me for about 5 mins like this I finally open my eyes to make him go away because he is freaking me out just to have him touch my shoulder with his paw and then suddenly run out of the room as if we had been playing a game of tag and he was waiting for me to wake up just to say "You're it".

.. or that whenever he is cleaning his rear paws sometimes he will hit himself in the face because he thinks the foot belongs to another cat?

..or that after he kicks himself he will bite the foot of the "other cat" in retaliation for kicking him in the face only to then kick himself again in the face because of the "other cat" who had just bitten his leg?

..or that his favorite toy is an old "fed ex" box that if we try to throw it out he goes out and brings it back just to sit inside of it and play with the "other cat"

..or that if you hold open a large plastic shopping bag, he will jump inside and if you don't swing him back and forth he will shout at you until you do

..or that when I go to the bathroom he insists upon coming too and if I don't let him in, he slides himself under the door only to then come and sit on my shoulder while I "take care of business"

..or that when I am trying to do something and he is extremely annoying and won't stop getting in my way, I go and start to pretend to set up as if we are about to have dinner so that he will go and sit in "his spot" for at least the next ten minutes and I can finish whatever it was I was doing

..or that I have used this method of distraction so often that now when I actually do set up for dinner he comes to kitchen just to "check" that I am actually about to bring dinner and only then will he go and remain seated in "his spot" and wait to be "served"

None of that is strange, is it? Nahh, I didn't think so either.

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