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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Do you ever get the feeling that you were born in the wrong era, wrong place, wrong culture? I often feel that way. I think it's one reason I can identify with other cultures on a more subconscious level. I notice the little things that most others don't. I think it's because I have always felt that the stork who delivered me must have been a little bit tipsy and dropped me in the wrong time and place. Since he didn't want to get in trouble for being drunk while flying, he didn't tell anyone and left me to wander the earth out of time and out of place.

I am Native American and no it's not because I am redneck. I am Cherokee. It might only be 1/16th but I am so proud and feel so honored to be able to claim that. My great great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. My ancestors walked the Trail of Tears and were then placed on a reservation.

The story goes a white doctor came monthly to visit to provide health care to those on the Reservation. During one visit, he met and fell in love with my great great grandmother. Who returned the favor. They married and I am the result of their forbidden love. 3 or 4 times removed. Seeing pictures of her before and after show quite the difference. Before she was ever bit the Cherokee princess and after a proud pioneer woman.

When I was little, every summer my grandmother and I would go to visit on the Reservation. My mom went along because well someone had to drive. At that time it  wasn't as commercialised as it is today. It was more geared towards showing people how the Cherokee use to live.

I still remember the first time I learned what a Dream Catcher was and from that day onwards I kept one in my room. Because I was so young and showed such a great interest people there use to tell me stories and I can remember just sitting and soaking in every word.

I have seen Dances with Wolves so many times I know almost every line by heart. If I could live in any era, at any time, that would be the era I would choose. It seems so at peace. They didn't take more than they needed. There was respect for nature and earth. Even their wars didn't disturb the harmony of life.

The land behind our house contained a burial mound. I use to sit in my spot and close my eyes and I would swear I could hear the sound of running horses. I could hear the voices of warriors shouting their battle cries, and I longed to live with them. To this day, there is something about that culture, that harmony that I long for and I search for.


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